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market research in action

uncover key drivers for purchase

Market research

Understanding markets and customers is the bedrock on which business success and strategy are built. designs and delivers high quality in-depth market research tailored to individual business and market needs. We blend bespoke quantitative and qualitative surveys with advanced research techniques like conjoint analysis, and internal and external sources of data to explore and discover what customers really want and, importantly, will pay for. We deliver models of market demand, identify customer preferences and key value points, and create measures of business and marketing effectiveness to ensure the business or organisation channels its resources efficiently.


Research for decision makers

Building on quantitative and qualitative research, quality analysis and blended with external data and market intelligence, our research focuses on mapping, understanding and modelling customer decisions and choices in order to identify market opportunities, increase business and marketing effectiveness and to support new business ventures.

Innovative research and insight

We are known for our innovative methods of research, often using trade-off and experimentation techniques, or blending qualitative research or database and observed data to understand market options and preferences.

Our in-house Cxoice Survey Technologies include web assisted telephone interviewing (WATI) with tailored respondent prompts and options, custom designed conjoint and choice analysis, statistical modelling, non-linear questionnaires, fieldwork management, live-data presentations and automated reporting. As Cxoice is our own survey technology platform, we are able to develop new question types, mock up e-commerce systems, or overlaying survey tools onto live online systems to fully address the business requirements.

Focused on the business and commercial context

The business and commercial context determines what research is needed and how it can best be gathered. We work across sectors and focus on understanding the real business implications and existing business practices so the research goes beyond the data to real points of action. We then use our analysis and insight skills and technologies to solve business problems. Projects often include internal workshops, debriefs and interactive market modelling to explore what-if scenarios.

For help and advice on carrying out any research projects on-line or off-line or how to get more insight from your research contact


Introduction to market research

Basics of market research - principles, methods and approaches for students and non-researchers as part of our commitment to sharing knowledge.

Specialist research techniques

Market research into likes and dislikes or simple attitudes and preferences is easy to carry out. However, areas involving prices or modelling, or that blend data sources, or more complex statistics still require expertise.

Discovering conjoint analysis

Conjoint analysis is used to quantify the drivers behind the choices that customers make when faced with different product, service and pricing options.

We provide a full range of conjoint analysis solutions, training and consultancy from basics like CBC upwards, to interactive models and forecasts to understand what drives purchase decisions and uncover customer price sensitivity to optimise your products and services.

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