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in-depth market research

What is the best way to grow your market share? What makes your customers decide to buy or not to buy? research provides market research, market intelligence and insight software to discover in-depth insights about customers and how they connect to your products, services and brands. We are experts on leading-edge research techniques such as conjoint analysis, pricing research and market models, that match your products and services to customer needs, to deliver compelling business strategies founded on data, insights and market understanding.

Market insights to unlock markets

Keen insights requires sharper thinking and better tools. Turbo-boost your customer research projects with in-depth research techniques, Cxoice survey and insight software and interactive market insights so that you can visualise, unlock and measure and model customers' decision-making processes.

To get the market insights you need, we use specialist quantitative and qualitative market research including techniques like conjoint analysis, brand equity research, pricing research, market sizing together with Cxoice insight and survey software that can be blended with data analysis, market intelligence, workshops and hands-on modelling to deliver business-changing research for you.

Conjoint analysis tools and resources

Conjoint analysis resources Conjoint analysis and choice-based market research is a speciality. On this site you will find a complete how-to set of resources for conjoint analysis, including our conjoint demonstration and tools for building, testing and exploring conjoint analysis. Try out conjoint analysis using the Cxoice Conjoint Explorer which allows you to play with conjoint designs to see how attributes and levels connects to live questions about product choice and how knowing what customers want and are willing to pay for, drives market models and forecasts.

The Cxoice Price Explorer shows how understanding customer demand through pricing research gives insight into share, revenue and profit optimisation for yield and value management.

Cxoice Insight and Survey Software and Systems has always done more than just market research and market intelligence projects. Along the way we have developed and innovated on survey design, online communities and better ways to collect and share data and insights driven by our need to better understand what drives customer decisions. The result has led to Cxoice - a complete survey and insight system from individual web surveys, to team-based web-assisted telephone interviewing, to automated analysis and project-based knowledge management. Continual innovation to do research better.

Contact us

We work internationally on projects in UK, Europe and US with a base in the UK and Girona in Spain. Contact us at, or call +44(0)20 7193 6640, or use our help and advice form.

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