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Marketing & advertising effectiveness

Advertising effectiveness and reaching the right target How cost effective is your marketing? Should you be spending more, or spending better? While behavioural measures like click-through and conversion can be easily tracked, the power of advertising to affect branding and customer consideration requires more holistic measurement and testing.

Advertising and marketing effectiveness research calculates not just impact on sales, but also how much advertising and marketing is influencing measures like awareness, consideration and brand strength, particularly for marketing where a complex mix of marketing activities is in play.

Measuring advertising performance

Our advertising measurement uses surveys and behavioural counts to quantify the performance of advertising, whether as live tests or via pre-tests and experimental designs to proof the advertising before launch

  • Pre-, post- testing of effectiveness, or full ongoing trend monitoring
  • Data blended with behavioural data (online and offline) where feasible
  • TV Commercial, Sponsorship, Radio or mixed mode evaluation
  • Experimental designs for mixed-media ad spend optimisation
  • Qualitative insight into advertising drivers and buzz creators
  • Marketing mix analysis
  • Iterative development research (agile) to improve advertising performance

For help and advice on carrying out advertising testing and marketing effectiveness research contact

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