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Core market research services

Sharing knowledge and understanding is core to good research practice. Listed below are our main focus areas for market research, but our approach to market research and marketing insight is holistic, bringing in data from multiple sources, and using multiple research techniques in order to model and solve the business problem.

For help and advice on carrying out any research projects on-line or off-line or how to get more insight from your research contact

Conjoint analysis projects

Conjoint analysis to optimise features offers a full-range of conjoint analysis solutions from standard choice-based conjoint (CBC) to more involved adaptive conjoint designs, to fully custom design conjoint and trade-off research using fully customised methodologies using our Cxoice Survey Technologies such as our Conjoint Explorer for online design of conjoint studies. We have published and presented papers on conjoint analysis techniques at conferences and in the International Journal of Market Research.

Market sizing and segmentation

Market segmentation Market sizing and segmentation is the bedrock for marketing strategy. Who is in the target market? How many potential buyers are there? How do they divide into different addressable groups? How many do they buy? How much will they spend? Which product will they choose?

We design segmentation research that often encompasses existing data and databases, qualitative research to identify potential dimensions, and quantitative research with statistical techniques to build, validate and model segmentation for ongoing business use.

Pricing optimisation

Pricing research and price optimisation In a market, customers have different levels of willingness to pay. Pricing optimisation uses pricing research to explore how demand varies by price, in order to identify the optimum price points for products and services.

Our price and demand curve explorer shows how knowing customer demand, and so price elasticity or price sensitivity, changes the ideal price points for the business. By monitoring customers' reactions to price and value, the business can optimise its pricing strategy and focus on product and service areas that have most value to customers. Our section on pricing research techniques explains how it works.

Different products and markets use different pricing strategies - such as subscriptions, discounts, one-time payments, product configurators. We create pricing research tools to enable businesses to plan and structure their pricing approach and strategy successfully.

Brand equity and brand value

How much do customers love your brand? How much is your brand worth? How much does your brand contribute to purchase? What are the key elements of your brand that drive customer interest, engagement and value?

A brand is more than just a name, it brings promises and expectations for customers that have to be clearly understood and supported in the business.

Brand equity research measures establishes what drives brand strength and how customers value a brand in terms of financial goodwill, focusing on how the brand is perceived, and how it contributes to sales, customer desires and satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction and NPS

Customer satisfaction - getting it right for customers Customer satisfaction is about happy customers and whether products and servers truly meet customer needs, and are good enough to be recommended to friends or colleagues.

Our bespoke customer satisfaction programmes are designed to be lightweight for customers - fast, quick and easy to complete, while giving space for customers to provide the detail they feel is relevant.

Options include NPS (Net Promoter-type scores), lightweight self-pick menu-based satisfaction and feedback, and win-loss analysis for key account management, and can be carried out as periodic or event-driven solutions with automation and direct integration into dashboards and reports.

Marketing & advertising effectiveness

Advertising effectiveness and reaching the right target How cost effective is your marketing? Should you be spending more, or spending better? While behavioural measures like click-through and conversion can be easily tracked, the power of advertising to affect branding and customer consideration requires more holistic measurement and testing.

Advertising and marketing effectiveness research calculates not just impact on sales, but also how much advertising and marketing is influencing measures like awareness, consideration and brand strength, particularly for marketing where a complex mix of marketing activities is in play.

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