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Brand equity and brand value

How much do customers love your brand? How much is your brand worth? How much does your brand contribute to purchase? What are the key elements of your brand that drive customer interest, engagement and value?

A brand is more than just a name, it brings promises and expectations for customers that have to be clearly understood and supported in the business.

Brand equity research measures establishes what drives brand strength and how customers value a brand in terms of financial goodwill, focusing on how the brand is perceived, and how it contributes to sales, customer desires and satisfaction.

Brand equity - the value of branding

Using research with customers and buyers we establish what brand means to consumers, and how this translates into willingness to pay and brand loyalty:

  • We measure and quantify the contribution of the brand to customer value
  • We look at how customers perceive and relate to the brand
  • We identify the component elements that drive brand strength
  • We identify competitor weaknesses and positioning possibilities
  • We establish the financial potential of the brand for investment decisions

In markets that are moving online, and where white-label purchasing is increasing due to retailer strength, understanding the role of brand, and how to build brand strength, is the core strategic aim of marketers looking to move beyond transactional selling.

For help and advice on carrying out brand equity measurement and branding research contact

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