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News and events providing updates of new product releases and updates to our technology platforms and noteworthy information about our business, and a current calendar of market research and insight events.

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New CATI management dashboard on Cxoice Insight Suite

Our Cxoice Insight Suite has just been upgraded to provide a details management dashboard for Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) units who need to monitor distributed teams of interviewers making calls and conducting interviews remotely. The new dashboard gives managers immediate insight information about contact time, calls, appointments and questionnaire completion time to help with budget and time management.

The CATI options for Cxoice allow for sample management (allocated by blocks to interviewing agents), central quota control, shared appointment management and detailed tracking of sample call status. This combines with powerful questionnaire design options, including WATI which provides the ability to do conjoint and pricing research by phone.


Conjoint Explorer online

One of the most challenging parts of conjoint analysis is creating realistic attributes and levels (simplistic examples are easy). To help with the process, our fully interactive Conjoint Explorer is now online and available - no software to download, no subscription required - just use the Explorer to test different layouts, formats and attribute and level wording to make realistic products.

Designs save locally to your browser so you can review and come back. And once you have a design, you can download it and send it to us to actually run the conjoint survey itself.

The Conjoint Explorer includes the editor, a demonstrator to test out the design feels, an estimator to help show how the conjoint analysis process will convert choices into utility estimates, and a model that can be used to explore how conjoint analysis turns data into models for exploring market needs.


Enhanced conjoint demonstration

As part of our 'explorer' series of interactive demonstrations of tools and techniques for market analysis, we have updated our conjoint demonstration for managers and students who want to see how conjoint analysis converts choices to utility scores and part-worths. Play with the demonstration, making choices, or adjust utility scores directly to see the effect on expectations.


Pricing explorer on-line

Adding to our series of 'explorer' demonstrations, we have added a pricing explorer to allow managers to understand how market demand and prices combine to affect optimum points and strategies for setting prices.

Our explorer series of demonstrations includes interactive conjoint analysis demonstration, conjoint market modelling, BPTO, non-linear questionnaires, live data survey reporting, automated survey report generators.


New website for 2020

Our original website and content has grown organically since 2000 and has been referenced in books, papers and projects acquiring a strong reputation for individuals wanting to learn about market research.

However, time moves on, and as our pool of technologies and capabilities has increased, our old website slowly became too restrictive for the new work we have been developing, and started to show its age in terms of design.

While we could have switched to a modern short-form website - low on content and high on graphics - we wanted to continue our principle of sharing knowledge and to retain the content generated from two decades of helping and advising businesses on research and intelligence. As a result we have reviewed and updated our previous content, while creating space to demonstrate new technologies, methods and tools.

This site is built using our own Notanant content management system, combined with Cxoice Survey Technologies and using our data analysis and modelling tools. The underlying software is suitable for permission-controlled websites, knowledge management, community management and even e-commerce and is available standalone from our technology section in full, or in part, for running surveys, research and intelligence gathering, or for agency or internal client research management

Contact us for more information for software, research or intelligence needs at

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