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Pricing and forecasting resources

Discussion articles on creating models of markets, forecasting, running experiments and experimental marketing, and using these to develop plans and forecasts to guide investment and planning.

  • Price and demand-curve Explorer
  • Explore how customers' willingness-to-pay (WTP) and price-based demand curves affect the optimum price for a product or service. Understand why sales, revenue or profits can have different price optimum points, and so why pricing research helps drive ROI. Our interactive model helps explore how changing demand curves, market size and costs affect price optimisation decisions.

    Use pricing research to uncover the underlying demand curve for your markets, layering in deeper details like segments and competitors that can be built into forecast and financial models.

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  • Pricing strategies
  • Strategies for setting prices Pricing strategy is not just about setting prices once, but the principles for setting and managing prices in the mid to long term. It can include price positioning - for instance against a leading competitor, discounting and margin structures or even complex dynamic pricing models such as those used in the transportation industry.

    Behind successful pricing strategies is an understanding of the demand curve - how demand shifts as prices change. Pricing research is central to understanding demand and to track competitor behaviours.

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