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Insight Technologies resources

An introduction to our insight technology tools for market research, writing and running surveys, online research communities, data visualisation, process and task management, presenting results, and full online research agency toolkit.

For help and advice on carrying out any market intelligence projects on-line or off-line contact

Private on-line virtual communities

Dedicated online communities are used to build dialogue with customers. In specific forms they can be used for market research (MROC - market research online communities) and a source of ideas and feedback. Communities can be run via standard social media platforms or using chat or webinar type platforms, but for on-going development, private communities add security and privacy and aim to be more long term.

Our combined Cxoice-Notanant system is an example of a generalised virtual community for market research and is used both for live community groups, but also available for use for market research including integration with our surveying tools.

Web-assisted telephone interviewing (WATI) surveys

Web-assisted telephone interviewing is a mixed-mode interview technique where the respondent can follow a telephone questionnaire online under the control of the telephone interviewer, allowing personalised prompt material to be shown in step with the question flow. As part of our Cxoice Survey Technologies, it is very effective for international business-to-business market research to show test materials to difficult to reach audiences for projects such as pricing or conjoint analysis studies where the show materials are too complex to ask about without being seen.

Marketing intelligence databases

Marketing intelligence databases With the need to be able to track and monitor customer relationships and competitor activity, it soon becomes essential to have a good system for capturing this market intelligence so that it can be shared within the organisation and used for analysis purposes. can design and implement bespoke marketing intelligence databases for both competitor intelligence and customer knowledge. These can incorporate data collection tools to automatically extract data from public sources, SQL and noSQL storage with tools for search, data classification and statistical analysis, and front-end systems for alerts, building network graphs, dashboards and automatic newsletters.

Advanced questionnaire technologies and demonstrations

X29_1_demos_spot1.jpg The Cxoice Survey Technologies suite of survey research tools is used for advanced questionnaire design, customised conjoint analysis, collaborative working and virtual communities, with advanced live-data presenting and reporting.

Cxoice technologies work across devices for online surveys, and provide full cloud-based survey management tools from quota and sample management, to timezone aware appointment manager for surveys with telephone interviewing.

Designed over the past twenty years, Cxoice also allows us to design and develop new question types, or new ways of researching the market, including integration with web-analytics or web-site designs (eg landing pages for testing), and e-commerce mock ups.

Bespoke apps and web applications has designed and developed a number of software and web applications and apps to meet survey and client management and reporting needs. From our Questionnaire Wizard from 2000, we have built community management and e-commerce systems in Notanant, Cxoice Survey Technologies and Space Mapping data visualisation solutions developing innovations such as non-linear questionnaires, data exploration, cloud-based CATI management. Our team can build customer-engagement tools, or agency management solutions to requirements built around our permission-based access frameworks.

Cxoice - survey technologies and insight systems

Cxoice Insight Technologies is our own market research technology platform and survey software system, integrating standard and advanced surveys, analysis and insight creation, customer knowledge and project management. Designed over more than a decade spent thinking differently about how we ask questions and involve people in providing research answers, Cxoice Survey Platform redefines how you can use and think of a market research questionnaires, how you ask questions and how insights can be presented, reported and shared and curated.

Rethinking Questionnaires demonstrations

As part of our Cxoice Survey Technologies we have developed a host of innovative research methods and new question types, and thought of new ways of questionnaires and insight can work, particularly in an online world. In 2016 we ran a series of discussions and demonstrations on Rethinking Questionnaires on LinkedIn that are drawn together in one place below.

Our Cxoice Survey Software combined with Notanant for online communities provide leading-edge survey, research, knowledge and intelligence platforms for businesses looking to use advanced market research for competitive advantage.

Non-linear questionnaires, gamification, social questioning and co-collaboration

Despite the explosion of methods and means for collecting feedback from respondents, many market research surveys still resemble the paper-based surveys of decades ago. Obviously they are still effective, and fine for bread-and-butter or DIY research. However, as audiences become more inured with websites and online marketing, it becomes more important to find ways of keeping (and measuring) attention. Approaches of 'gamification' can be used to make the questionnaire fun, however, there are also other ways of rethinking questionnaires and the process of seeking information from individuals.

Questionnaire Wizard

From way back in 2000, our original Questionnaire Wizard allowed for the creation of questionnaires straight from Microsoft Word (recommended for use by OUP). The world has moved on and now our Questionnaire Wizard is available for free use as part of our Cxoice Survey Technologies, with options to create questionnaires for print out, or copied into Word, or used online with a research user account. Cxoice now goes to a full survey and insight platform, as we've created new forms of questions and research methods - such as our Rethinking Questionnaires series.

For historical reasons, our old Questionnaire Wizard can be found below. Just decide the type of survey you want to carry out then enter some basic details about your product or service then press one button to get a professional standard questionnaire.

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