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Bespoke apps and web applications has designed and developed a number of software and web applications and apps to meet survey and client management and reporting needs. From our Questionnaire Wizard from 2000, we have built community management and e-commerce systems in Notanant, Cxoice Survey Technologies and Space Mapping data visualisation solutions developing innovations such as non-linear questionnaires, data exploration, cloud-based CATI management. Our team can build customer-engagement tools, or agency management solutions to requirements built around our permission-based access frameworks.

As Internet development races ahead, web and mobile apps continue to become more sophisticated incorporating elements of content management, social networking, video, audio and location data and delivering apps in a wide variety of formats across an increasing number of different internet connected devices.

The result is we are continually developing new ways of gathering information be it social media monitoring, or different types of questioning or market tests, such as timed response questions or non-linear questionnaires, or just using pop-ups to develop adverts automatically using auto-learning and conjoint-type experimental designs.

We have our own community and CMS platform in Notanant which is purely web-based and makes it simple to create and change information on-line, whether just as a simple website, a directory or a fully-blown private marketing intelligence centre. Notanant forms the basis of our research agency management system, and offers panel-building and online community tools.

Notanant can be combined with our Cxoice Survey Technologies, allowing an agency to have CATI management, online survey tools and panels in one place together with knowledge management systems and permission controlled access for client areas. Cxoice offers conjoint analysis and custom trade-off designs, including e-commerce mock ups, and website overlays for testing websites without cutting into the web or app itself.

Cxoice Survey Technologies extends to reporting and presenting with automation and live-data presentations in addition to custom dashboards and more detailed model building. For ad hoc data exploration, our Space Mapping software allows data to be explored in a range of formats. Our analytical and response-capture skills offer different ways to look at your data, and our auto-updating adverts mean that we have a full range of development skills in addition to our main research speciality.

Because of our deep experience in creating and tracking web-application development we are able to offer businesses high quality development skills in different areas of insight and web-application design to produce custom solutions for specific circumstances. For instance, a protocol management system for clinical trials, group-based telephone appointment systems on the cloud, client-based survey monitoring, and bespoke market models and simulations with drill-down and segmentation.

For help and advice on building custom applications for insight please contact

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