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Cxoice Survey Technologies

Cxoice Survey and Insight Technologies is our suite of unique research, conjoint, reporting and knowledge management software that has been developed over 20 years of market research, insight and intelligence projects.

Cxoice delivers a complete end-to-end research and insight platform that is designed to make carrying out market research and market intelligence more efficient and effective. Cxoice includes WATI and CATI survey management, automated reporting, permission-based project documentation and management tools, insight knowledge management, right up to fully bespoke custom designed for advanced techniques like conjoint analysis, Cxoice delivers the tools for better insight delivery, not just collection. See the Cxoice website to test the capabilities of Cxoice for surveys or insight projects.

  • CATI for All Sizes
  • Cxoice CATI Survey Management Cxoice Outbound Call Manager for CATI is a web-based cloud solution for outbound call management, allowing an team - small or large - to have a full range of tools for telephone interviewing, both for qualitative and quantitative interviewing.

    Cxoice provides sample and contact management, interviewer log-ins, appointment setting with simple monitoring, and control and quota setting all from a web-based plaform that can be used remotely or from home.

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  • Conjoint by design
  • Conjoint by design Cxoice Survey Technologies have always been focused on advanced methods like conjoint analysis, and the need to create better and more realistic designs for conjoint analysis and other trade-off research techniques such as BPTO.

    While standard conjoint analysis can be powerful, it tends to have the same look and feel, and can lack realism compared to real-life purchasing tasks, and feel repetitive for respondents who perceive they are being asked the same question for each choice task. Cxoice makes designs flexible and customisable, increasing realism and making the conjoint tasks more enjoyable.

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  • Live-data automated reporting
  • Cxoice Live-data Charting Cxoice Survey Technologies provides a full range of automated reporting solutions for researchers needing a fast-turnaround, and for researchers needing more than just a stack slides. Cxoice speeds analysis with a full set of tabs available with a couple of clicks, and with a built-in presentation system that makes it easy to show results or create charts or dashboards, with export to Powerpoint if required.

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