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Resources collection

A notepad of historic resources and links to a variety of research and intelligence resources, tools and services for exploring the use of market data, surveys, testing and experimentation that will be updated over time.

Historic website

The original website has multiple links and references for academic papers. Our historic website can be found at


Research forum

The Market Research Forum provided a discussion board for questions around market research. In moving to a new website, we have decided to discontinue the forum for the time being.


Learning resources


Process tools

  • Questionnaire wizard and question library
  • Checklists and process tools (eg segmentation process and checklist)
  • Online surveys
  • Panel manager
  • Interviewer and CATI appointment system
  • Protocol manager (for trials and clinical research compliance)
  • Fieldshare fieldworker database (currently discontinued)
  • Agency management system (client areas, client monitoring, shared documents, staff systems, accounting, lead manager)
  • Insight knowledge system (collect, classify, aggregate, share)


Development and taster demonstrations

  • Non-linear questionnaires
  • Data blending
  • Greenlisted targeted online monitoring, notifications and reporting
  • Blending surveys onto live websites
  • Price tracking

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