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Jobs and work opportunities

We periodically include job openings and freelance opportunities here, or opportunities for interviewing or fieldwork.

Current openings:


Product Marketing Manager for Cxoice Survey Software

We are looking for a Product Marketing specialist to manage the marketing of our Cxoice Survey Software who will be responsible for creating marketing materials, documents, demos and social media outreach. Ideally you will be familiar with the UK market research industry which can include time using CATI systems. Good spoken manner and able to work from home. Contact us for more details.


Graphic designer with strong CSS skills for freelance work in Spain

Good eye for detail and strong design abilities, but able to work within a templated CSS environment. Designs will be constructed in CSS on top of a standardised HTML framework. No requirements for knowledge of javascript or javascript frameworks, but strong technical skills in CSS needed. Contact us for more information.


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