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Market Research for Brand managers

Brand managers focus on developing and building the brand, increasing its connection to customers and consumers, and ensuring the brand values are both communicated and protected. Our interactive brand manager checklist helps you work out the research and insight requirements for successful brand management including estimating brand value and return using techniques like conjoint analysis.

What should you be measuring?

Our interactive brand manager checklist allows you to tick-off the information and research needs that are used for brand management.

  • Brand health measurement tracking (awareness, consideration, value, equity)
  • Brand perceptions research
  • Social listening and media monitoring
  • Communications development and brand personality
  • Advertising testing and monitoring
  • Advertising effectiveness measurement
  • Category management
  • Point-of-sale, packaging and promotions
  • Voice of the customer
  • Brand extensions research
  • Events, sponsorship and live-the-brand

Our interactive brand manager research and intelligence checklist is designed for brand leaders and brand defenders aiming to develop and grow a portfolio of brands in the business.

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