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UX Usability and Testers panel

Our UX usability and testers panel is made up of individuals willing and interested in testing websites, apps, online shopping and service and product experiences, to give feedback on design, langauge, journeys, accessibility and performance.

UX panellists typically perform tasks online, recording their thoughts and opinions through the task. The research is typically longer and more open than online questionnaires, with incentives commensurate with the time spent.  Typically studies involve small specialist samples.

The UX panel can record their thoughts via online questions, by allowing themselves to be monitored through a task, or recording themselves and returning audio or video. Alternatively, panellists might be 'accompanied' on a screen-share where a researcher will observe and probe with questions to understand behavioural choices.

For UX panels, it is important that we have a cross-section of the population, not just those interested in technology.

Contact to sign up, and a researcher will contact you to provide more information and to get you involved.

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