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Technology for client researchers

Our technology focus is on making the creation and management of insight easier for client researchers as well as agencies. We build technology to make insights easier to share and easier to manage under our Cxoice Insight Management suite.

Our Cxoice Insight Suite includes permission-controlled knowledge management/intranet tools for gathering, curating and sharing insight. For clients who are active, the same Cxoice application can be used to build private panels or market research communities, with private survey systems, dashboards, survey search systems and simulators.

We also build tools that make it easier to control and manage insight collection tools. From Questionnaire Wizards that can be used to standardise question wordings, to our Conjoint Explorer which encourages interactive design of conjoint analysis.

This site itself is built using our Notanant-Cxoice system, with sign-up, log-ins, private client areas, surveys, to e-commerce.

Examples include:

  • Research knowledge management system such as this site
  • Custom panel management
  • Private survey system
  • Market monitoring tools
  • Custom search engine
  • Agency manager and purchasing system
  • Customer and respondent simulations

For more information about how our suite of technology, training and exploration tools make managing insight easer contact us at

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