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Toolkits for research agencies

This site is based on our Notanant content-management system combined with Cxoice Survey Technologies and our data analysis toolset. It can be used for knowledge management, sharing data with clients, survey creation and analysis and reporting, panel generation and management, cloud-based CATI management with distributed teams.

Our software and cloud-based solutions are available for research agency management whether barebones, or as a fully tailored system, or in parts for specific operations such as CATI sample and interviewer management.

Our software offer for agencies includes the following - available all, or in parts:

  • Customisable web-front end for use as website or landing page for clients
  • Cxoice Survey Technologies for online, CATI and WATI based surveys
  • Specialist surveys - conjoint analysis, pricing research, e-commerce mock-ups
  • Live data presentations and reporting direct linked to survey data
  • Automated tables and charts production with Powerpoint options
  • Multi-timezone cloud-based CATI interviewer and sample manager with appointment system
  • Linking and blending to external survey systems or data sources
  • Bespoke panel software for panel management and sign up
  • MR Online Communities - forums, content and contact management for communities
  • Client areas and document store with client access to survey monitoring
  • Role-based access with permission control for access to all parts
  • Knowledge management tools for data sharing and curation
  • Data visualisation tools for analysing linked datasets
  • Data modelling tools
  • Management dashboards

For more information about how our suite of technology, training and exploration tools make managing agencies easier in times of remote working contact us at

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