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Market Research for Sales and Service Managers

Sales and Service Managers are already at the customer frontline looking to create the best Customer Experience to win sales and keep customers satisfied.

Our CX sales and service interactive checklist leads you through the opportunities for research and intelligence gathering to help customer-facing teams make the case for customer success along all points of the customer journey.

Mapping CX and the customer journey

Modern businesses have multiple touch points for customers, from direct contact to service teams, remote access via POS and channel partners, to websites, social media and direct experience with product presentation, promotional materials and packaging. CX or Customer Experience management is the process of managing all those touch points to provide a consistent customer experience.

We provide customer journey mapping from internal workshops with frontline staff to identify all the key points on the customer journey from pre-sales information to after-sales enquiries. The internal perspective is then validated with real customers to identify key points of value, information gaps and stumble points, and key moment of choice that convert prospects into purchasers.

Measuring service delivery

As customers come on-board, or make additional purchases, how do they see the experience? Going beyond satisfaction or Net Promoter type measurement, our specialist menu-driven service rating allows customers to identify what they liked and disliked about the purchase or service experience, and to highlight the key areas for improvement. Our service measurement works for consumers or larger business-to-business customers and can be carried out on an event-by-event basis, or on an annual heartbeat survey.

Win-loss analysis

For businesses servicing accounts with bids and proposals, a key step for improvement is understanding what the drivers for the win, or reasons for the loss were. Win-loss analysis provides a pre-defined checklist that can be validated with a customer to understand where a bid or proposal stood up, and where it fell down. Was it price? Quality? Or something about the service provided, or the manner of the pitch? Win-loss analysis allows sales staff to discover how to make their bids more effective without purely relying on price.

Competitor knowledge and analysis

Bids and sales does not happen in isolation. Sales staff need to be aware of competitor innovations and strategies to be able to establish the best competitive position for their products and services. Competitor knowledge can be as simple as monitoring and reporting competitor news, or it can extend to building a body of insight from the field that needs to be shared amongst sales staff. Our Notanant Knowledge Management systems can be used to build and share this body of knowledge.

Checklist for Sales and Service Insights

Our Sales and Service checklist helps front-of-house staff understand the support available from research and intelligence within the business. Although more complex techniques such as conjoint analysis can apply, in practice more is about collecting and aggregating data in the right way to make the customer case.

  • Customer satisfaction and quality measurement
  • Voice of the customer
  • Win-loss analysis
  • Service events follow up
  • Service design research
  • Sales support and point-of-sales materials
  • Sales forecasting and sales mapping
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Channel analysis
  • Research for prospecting and lead gen
  • Key account relationship status

Our interactive research and intelligence checklist is designed for sales and service managers to understand the potential for research to support customer-facing roles.

For access to our interactive sales and service checklist, contact us at

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