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Databases, data analysis and visualisation

Resources, tools and approaches for data analysis across different types of datasets, including our SpaceMap interactive data visualisation and analysis technologies.

  • SpaceMaps for data visualisation
  • SpaceMapping is our software package for exploring complicated datasets in an interactive graphical manner. While plenty of tools allow for plotting and charting data, with new, complex and multi-leveled datasets it is not always clear what plot or charts are needed. SpaceMapping allows analysts to visualise a dataset interactively, in order to uncover hidden relationships.

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  • Getting started with data analysis
  • While large scale data analysis increasingly relies on machine learning and automated approaches to extracting and applying insight from large datasets, businesses with smaller information sets can still get a great deal from a systematic approach to looking at internal data.

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  • Data preparation
  • Data preparation is the first stage of data analysis. It is relatively unglamorous compared to the process of running statistics and building models, but is essential for those statistics to work.

    Preparation includes investigating the data structures, understanding the types of data, data cleaning and deduplication, coding and aggregating and transforming the data for analysis.

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