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Core markets

Our specialities are in understanding and quantifying customer decision-making to determine market value and potential. We have worked across multiple market sectors from IT to heavy industry and commodities, from media and consumer markets, to national not-for-profit associations, in single and multiple countries. Below are the markets we work in most often, but we are used to discovering and working in new market areas.

Business to business markets

Business to business markets are typically richer and more complex than pure consumer markets. Decision making is more complex and more considered, and reaching the right person is essential.

We provide research and intelligence services across B2B sectors, from marketing sizing, competitor intelligence gathering, to direct market research and training on voice-of-the-customer projects for internal staff.

Science and technology markets

Science and technology markets are converging as science becomes more digital, and as more technology is used in devices and instruments requiring software, services and support.

We work with companies supplying cutting edge instrumentation in specialist markets, to generalist software for engineering requiring an ability to grasp new ideas and transform these into ideas and tests for research.


Researching decisions on medical devices, or understanding the care priorities for physicians and the treatments they might use for patients requires understanding healthcare markets and regulatory structures.

Consumer choices

In consumer markets, our speciality is in understanding and modelling consumer decision making - the influence of product features, brand, price and advertising on purchase. Some aspects of consumer research, such as packaging development, or tactical communications are outside our normal work.

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