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Questionnaire Wizard

From way back in 2000, our original Questionnaire Wizard allowed for the creation of questionnaires straight from Microsoft Word (recommended for use by OUP). The world has moved on and now our Questionnaire Wizard is available for free use as part of our Cxoice Survey Technologies, with options to create questionnaires for print out, or copied into Word, or used online with a research user account. Cxoice now goes to a full survey and insight platform, as we've created new forms of questions and research methods - such as our Rethinking Questionnaires series.

For historical reasons, our old Questionnaire Wizard can be found below. Just decide the type of survey you want to carry out then enter some basic details about your product or service then press one button to get a professional standard questionnaire.

Links below will take you to the original Questionnaire Wizard designed to simplify the creation of professional market research surveys ensuring the questionnaire has an appropriate 'wine-glass structure' - from general to specific details about your product or service, followed by general questions about the person completing the survey.

The Questionnaire Wizard was a recommended resource in "Marketing Research" by Dr Nigel Bradley from Oxford University Press.

The Questionnaire Wizard is very simple to use, allowing you to choose the type of survey, which questions to ask and then asking you to supply some basic information about your products or services which are then used to customize the questions appropriately. For non-researchers this simplification means you can also build professional questionnaires with the minimum of effort.

Output can also be exported to other survey packages via the Triple S (.SSS) standard for survey interchange, making the Questionnaire Wizard compatible with survey packages such as SNAP, Quantime and Bellview.

For more up-to-date options our Cxoice Survey Technologies system incorporates elements and principles of the original Questionnaire Wizard, making it easy to create surveys, or for professional researchers to create a library of standardised questions.

 Download the original Questionnaire Wizard (52KB) for Windows

Use our current Questionnaire Wizard with the Cxoice Questionnaire Editor

Word version

If you would like to, you can download an earlier version of the Questionnaire Wizard which runs from a Word macro and produces output as a fully editable Word document, allowing you to customize the style or layout or adding or removing questions and words as you wish. Full instructions are included in the Word document. Download it here (58KB).

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