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Product managers

Product managers needs research and intelligence services to manage the product cycle, from developing concepts, to keeping mature products on track, to optimising pricing and messaging. Use our interactive product manager check lists to ensure that you have the research and intelligence data that you need.

What should you be measuring?

Our interactive product manager checklist is designed to focus on the information needs for successful product management.

  • General market monitoring (new product launches and trends, prices, competitors, )
  • Current products social media feedback
  • Key customer product roadmaps and concept development
  • Value proposition and feature prioritisation for development
  • Usability research
  • Prototype and product testing
  • Product naming and brand planning
  • Product positioning and messaging
  • Pricing plan
  • Sales and revenue forecasting
  • Service and support services design
  • Launch planning and measurement
  • Range extent and extensions
  • User feedback & quality improvement research

Our interactive product manager research and intelligence checklist is designed for the product management team, to be able to check that the business has the right measures and research in place to support existing and new product developments.

For access to our interactive product manager checklist, contact us at

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