Marketing and insight technologies

The explosion of Big Data, mobile, social media and the use of the Internet means that technical expertise is becoming a pre-requisite for anyone offering market research or market intelligence. Companies want to understand their customers better and develop new ways of partnering with customers using a range of interaction tools such as deeper analytics, co-collaboration and MROCs (market research online communities), or mobile or social technologies to collect information and get insight about customers. This can include direct analysis of transactions, click-paths, social networks, apps, traffic analysis or new ways of inviting help from customers, or providing feedback. We have experience developing online applications and technologies built up over more than a decade creating web solutions including bespoke questionnaire software and question formats.

Online survey tools - Cxoice survey technologies

Cxoice (pronounced 'choice') is our bespoke designed and built survey and insight reporting software incorporating a range of innovative features including non-linear questionnaire designs, game-based tasks, social questionning, advanced trade-off options and methods. Cxoice goes beyond standard traditional survey software to redefine how questionnaires should be answered with a focus on letting the respondent choose what they want to answer and what they want to rate. We can then see what really matters to the respondent, not just what we force them to answer. Our Rethinking Questionnaire demonstrations shows this in action.

Cxoice survey technologies also integrates fully to presentations standard reporting with automated summaries and methods for streamlining report creation and distribution, plus integrating feedback into the reporting process in a way that goes beyond Powerpoint.

For advanced studies, Cxoice incorporates a conjoint designer and can be used for sophisticated trade-off research such as BPTO, build-your-own configurators, price shuffles, constrained menu options, and deep conjoints that incorporate description noise with respondent controlled on-screen filtering and sorting and pop-up clarification questions to explore how choices are made

Online and phone surveys are increasingly combining in mixed-mode studies and Cxoice can also be used in combined mode to enable telephone-assisted web interviewing (TAWI) or conversely web-assisted telephone interviewing (WATI) where respondent and interviewer complete a questionnaire together, allowing the interviewer to show respondent-specific prompt material in a controlled manner where the respondent can't skip ahead, or alternatively for a telephone-based interviewer to probe and ask supplementary verbal questions while the respondent works on screen.

Cxoice! has been built using web-standards and AJAX/Javascript to work cross-platform incorporating responsive designs to work on desktops, tablets and mobiles. Data and questions can be analysed directly using the live survey monitor, or exported for analysis.

Our track record of survey tools extends back to the original Questionnaire Wizard) for helping streamline questionnaire design, a version of which was licensed by SPSS.

Data analysis and visualisation

With a background in holistic market intelligence bringing together the worlds of market research and database analysis, we don't just carry out surveys. We are able to manage and integrate data from databases into the data streams that we use, whether purely for analysis and modelling, or in a blended approach linking database behavioural information from customer journeys, CRM or sales and accounts databases directly into surveys and survey research. Our team can build statistical models, segmentations or design algorithms from the marketing data that you have.

Web-applications and rapid prototyping

It is becoming more important that sites are functional, interactive and not just informational. We develop a range of practical, easy-to-use, distributed web-applications for managing on-line services, from information sharing to member-based communities, to social-commerce platforms.

Our flagship web-application is Notanant which can be used to manage any form of website with members including shops and trading. It can also be used for rapid prototyping work to test features and functionality. It can also be combined with our survey software and experimental design theory to test a range of website styles and functions - for instance using a set of carefully designed landing pages to investigate

On-line communities and web-sites

Web-site development and e-commerce need to be in place as another arm of your channels of distribution. The most effective web-sites are those that provide customers with a space to communicate and share information among themselves and with your employees.

These on-line communities can be an extension of your market research, loyalty programmes or customer feedback programmes, or they can just be autonomous in their own right. For specific campaigns, or for aspects such as building a collection of customers for research (eg MROCs), it can be extremely useful to have a pre-built system to capture and engage with customers. Building this rapidly and keeping control of the lists and comments generated can help in areas such as event-based marketing or specific local campaigns.

We have in-house skills in major web-technologies and can help you build your own on-line community, or create bespoke surveys or design online behavioural experiments using our own bespoke conjoint analysis, trade-off design and experimental design tools.

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