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Conjoint analysis

Conjoint analysis to optimise features Conjoint analysis is used to optimise products and services to market needs by quantifying how features and price drive customer choice, measuring trade-offs between features and price.

Our conjoint solutions range from choice-based conjoint (CBC) to more involved adaptive conjoint designs to fully custom design conjoint and trade-off research using fully customised methodologies. Conjoint analysis is one of our core research specialities. We have published and presented papers on conjoint analysis techniques at conferences and in the International Journal of Market Research.

For clients looking for specific conjoint solutions, we offer:

  • Full range of conjoint analysis solutions from CBC to Adaptive methods, Discrete Choice Modelling or economics specific Stated Preference research
  • Expert-support for product managers to design realistic attributes and levels
  • Full customised online surveys via our Cxoice Survey Technologies to optimise look and feel
  • Cxoice Survey Technologies offer the ability for phone-based conjoint for B2B via dual mode web-assisted phone interview
  • Tuned and complex analysis, including fully interactive models with extensions for revenue and profit modelling and optimisation (where appropriate)
  • Tailored education and training services for those new to conjoint analysis
  • Our own Cxoice Survey Technologies allows fully customised conjoint designs including e-commerce mock-up and non-standard trade-off designs, best-worst, sort and filter, and mixed phone-web designs
  • Unbiased advice on whether the problem is best met with conjoint analysis, MaxDiff, anchored scales, BPTO or other measurement solutions

For help and advice on carrying out conjoint analysis research from beginner to expert contact

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