Delivering customer service - rate your business

Our Quality of Service Reviews are used by companies to help them understand their business performance and what they need to improve from a customer's point of view and are designed to fit in with Quality Processes such as QS9000. Normally we conduct a relationship audit of the business with the management team to generate a set of measures specific to their business, products, processes and services and then manage the collection of data from the customers to help the business decide its strategic priorities.

However, in the course of creating these Quality of Service Reviews the management themselves often find that thinking about the business as a customer is valuable in its own right. So as we find that a number of generic areas nearly always come up, we have created this self-test questionnaire for you to rate your business. To make it easy to print it is on one page, which does makes it seem long. Normally it is run over several pages.

This is a self-test. There is no submit button so what you enter never leaves your computer. If you want, you can print your answers out and then review them later. Or perhaps you want a colleague to take it too, or a favoured customer, just to see if you're on track.

  • Firstly, go through and select your typical standard of performance on each attribute. Where we use product take this to mean a service too.
  • Secondly, go through and choose the standard you think the a best-in-class company would deliver. Note that this is not necessarily the best level - if you're supplying components look and feel may not matter.
  • Finally select the priority level for improvement for your business as if you were a typical customer from low priority to high.

If you find this useful and want to find out about a full Quality of Service Review for your business contact

  Customer's priority for improvement
Your products/service Your business Best-in-class


Product design
Look and feel
Product free from defects
Ease of first use
Design for use
Design for maintenance
Product disposal
Peripheral parts
Build quality
Availability/delivery Your business Best-in-class          
Physical distribution
Direct distribution
Order lead time
Deliveries arriving on time
Deliveries in full
Stock availability
Communication Your business Best-in-class          
Brochure quality
Account management Your business Best-in-class          
Contact point
Manner and style
Getting through by phone
Phone information
Call routing
Call back on enquiries
Delivering on promises
Someone taking ownership
Resolving a problem quickly
Being proactive
Loyalty and quid-pro-quos
Sales quality
Invoicing Your business Best-in-class          
Long term relationship Your business Best-in-class          
Long term development
Providing us with best value
Industry standing
A desire to listen