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CEO and Entrepreneurs

Running a business or setting up a new venture? The research and information needs of heads of businesses are different from run-of-the-mill research activities. You'd need to keep a strategic view of markets and market size, sales and share, data for business planning, price and revenue forecasts and sales rates and satisfaction.

What should you be measuring?

Our CEO checklist helps you focus on the key measurements that keep the business on track.

  • Market definition and core segments
  • Market size (number of customers, market sales volume, market sales value)
  • Market performance (market share by volume, market share by customers (market penetration), competitor share and volume)
  • Pricing (Optimal price points, price elasticity/sensitivity, margins and estimated competitor margins)
  • Channel (channel penetration, volume by channel, channel players trends)
  • Customer metrics (number of customers, purchase frequency, purchase volume, cost to reach, responsiveness to communications, number of prospects)
  • Product values (key sales drivers per segment, brand strength)
  • Competitors and trends (who and how, what trends are moving developments)
  • Satisfaction (Rebuy rate, NPS, hitting service targets)

Our interactive research and intelligence checklist is designed for busy executives who want to ensure the business is collecting and measuring the right market metrics for the business.

For access to our interactive CEO checklist, contact us at

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