Recent news

Nov 2018

Cxoice Survey Technologies sample and appointment manager released

Aug 2017

CATI appointment module for telephone interviewing teams released

Jul 2017

"More Realism in Conjoint Analysis: the effect of textual noise and visual style" published in the International Journal of Market Research (IJMR) with Uuniversity of Pompeu Fabra (UPF) of Barcelona and Netquest

Jan 2017

Start of our series of LinkedIn discussion articles on Rethinking Questionnaires - new techniques for questions and reporting of research

Oct 2016

View our demonstrations on Rethinking Questionnaires - new types of questions and adding realism to surveys

Apr 2015

Announcing Cxoice Survey Technology

Jun 2013

Meet us at Marketing Week Live 2013.

Feb 2013

Fieldshare update and upgrade launched.

Dec 2012

Javascript based animation survey design for questionnaires and conjoint analysis.

Feb 2012

Template-based conjoint for ad-development available.

Oct 2011

New survey software for non-linear questionnaires with timed response questions available.

Jan 2011

Student tuition fees survey for Staffordshire University mentioned on BBC.

Apr 2010

Tenth anniversary - doesn't time fly!

Mar 2010

New developments in pharmaceutical conjoint research.

Feb 2010

Thirty-six country conjoint project launched

Oct 2009 Conjoint software updated with new presentation formats and input options.

Sep 2008

Web-assisted telephone survey software in field - questionnaires personalised to each respondent and accompanied by an interviewer.

May 2008

Paper presented at Sawtooth European Conjoint conference.

Apr 2008 conjoint modelling software enhanced for volumetrics

Aug 2007

New website up and running!

June 2007

Helen Tapson joins the team as Market Research Consultant

Jan 2006

Moved to new offices in the centre of Bristol.

Jul 2006

Fieldshare reaches 500 listed fieldworkers and more than 1000 research buyers

Jun 2006

Development of On-line conjoint software

Apr 2006

Opening of offices in Barcelona

Feb 2006

Notanant spun out as web-application and social networking company

Dec 2005

Sensory-emotional research seminar at the Bath Pump Rooms - how senses and emotions drive choices

Apr 2005

Market Modelling and Conjoint Analysis Seminar at the Bath Pump Rooms

Dec 2004

Pricing Seminar at the Bath Pump Rooms

Nov 2004

Juliet Jessop joins as Market Research Consultant

Sep 2004

Sue Veitch joins as Marketing Co-ordinator

Mar 2004

Questionnaire Wizard licensed to SPSS for development

Oct 2003

FieldShare reaches 300 registered fieldworkers

Apr 2003

FieldShare reaches 500 registered research buyers

Jan 2003

FieldShare reaches 200 registered fieldworkers

Dec 2002

SurveyGarden on-line surveys established

May 2002

Speaker for BTOpenworld on the benefits of ADSL

Apr 2002

FieldShare reaches 150 fieldworkers

Oct 2001

FieldShare hits 100 registered fieldworkers

Sep 2001

Notanant web-based customer knowledge systems development started

Aug 2001

Feature article and picture in the Sunday Express careers section

May 2001

Conjoint modelling demonstration added plus more details on strategy and knowledge

Apr 2001

One year birthday celebrated

Feb 2000

Updated Questionnaire Wizard released.

Jan 2000

FieldShare, the online database of market research interviewers and fieldworkers goes live

Dec 2000

FieldShare web site formed

Sept 2000

Discussion of customer relationships added

July 2000

Demonstration of conjoint analysis added

June 2000

Questionnaire Wizard now available

June 2000

Internet research hints and tips added

June 2000

Write up of BIG talk in Research magazine

May 2000

Paper presented at MRS Business Interest Group Conference

May 2000 makes Internet debut

Apr 2000 founded

Mar 2000

Paper presented at MRS Conference in Brighton