Technologies for insight

Unlike most other market research and consulting firms we design and write our own market research and online community software. This means that we are able to develop bespoke research solutions that best fit the requirements of the project. This might include making a survey look like and react like a standard webpage. It might be using our survey systems to conduct web-assisted telephone research, or to allow data to be collected in a variety of novel manners such as non-linear questionnaires, fly-questions, click-to-rank, or bespoke format conjoint or trade-off designs. Our technology skills are also used in our modelling and reporting as our standard practice is to leave an interactive reporting and exploration tool.

We have a custom set of technologies for running surveys, managing and developing communities and modelling that we use and can build on that has been designed to facilitate rapid adaption to new types of tasks. We are expert and proficient in HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, AJAX/Javascript, Visual Basic and are able to produce designs and models in Java. We run a set of servers and domains to provide fallover protection to ensure uptime and backup. Our analyst team has experience with database analysis, financial analysis and web-analysis.

" I have been very impressed by the overall management of the project from the brief, through the fieldwork, the analysis conducted to the presentation of results. The communication between yourselves and us has also been clear and prompt.

The presentation gave the audience a clear understanding of a complicated study. "

Research Manager Northcliffe Newspapers

Non-linear questionnaires, gamification and social questionning

As we seek more insight from online research, there are many new and different ways to get more information, better information or to keep respondents more engaged with surveys and research. Non-linear questionnaires and social questionnaires are a way of rethinking how and where you can find insight.

Web-assisted Telephone interviewing (WATI) surveys

For circumstances where interviewing is best carried out by telephone, WATI surveys allows respondents to see prompt material, give answers themselves and follow the questionnaire as the interviewer takes them through the survey, encouraging rapport and engagement from audiences that are difficult to recruit online, or where real discussion with individuals or groups (via telephone groups) is a key part of the survey design.

Virtual communities

MROC (Market research online communities) are a much more common form of building a client-specific panel of respondents, but also keeping that panel engaged and active in discussion of areas that affect the client company, its products and services. We have our own social and community platform (Notanant) that can be fully tailored to client's needs and branding and that integrates with our custom market research software.

Beyond conjoint analysis and trade-off research

We carry out choice-based, Adaptive (ACA), full-profile and bespoke designs for business and consumer markets, online or offline or with telephone assists. Delivering market models showing how share of preference changes as attributes change, but can also design custom-designed conjoint and trade-off using our in-house software. For instance making the conjoint look like a web-aggregator site with sort and filtering, or custom designing the look of the conjoint to make the elements resemble advertising or marketing materials to choose from.

Pricing research

Understanding demand and revenue optimisation. Gabor-Granger, direct pricing, van Westerndorp, choice tasks, database analysis and price intelligence collection for competitor monitoring. Online, phone, face-to-face or postal. Nationally or internationally

Online and offline market research

All forms of market research including web-assisted telephone interviewing (WATI) where respondents are guided through a survey on the telephone but can see the questions and prompts on-line, on-line surveys, face-to-face research and business-to-business executive interviewing and telephone group discussions

Hierarchy of needs and MaxDiff

A fast and simple method of prioritising features and marketing messages in situations where you have a large pool of options (up to 60).

Quality of Service Review

An account manager led process for understanding service objectively in relationships capturing detailed customer information and aggregate market information

Sensory-emotional research

A very deep and in depth method of understanding emotional responses and patterns to brands and products.