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Toolkits for market intelligence

As this website develops we will add toolkits and resources to help with developing marketing intelligence including monitoring tools and analysis information.

Examples of our market intelligence offers include:

  • Space-mapping data visualisation
  • Spider it - network search and analysis
  • Tailored search engine (research-focused sources only)
  • Competitor website monitoring
  • E-commerce price and sales monitors
  • Trends sources (eg Google Trends, Alexa)
  • Core statistics (ONS, US, WHO, UN, World Bank)
  • Geo-source - localised demographics via census explore
  • Data science toolkit
  • AI experiments

We can also help and advice on data extraction, cleaning and analysis on one-off and on-going basis to drive dashboards and reports.

For more information about how our suite of technology, training and exploration tools make managing insight easier contact us at

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