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Privacy policy and terms of use

All content on this site, including code and tools, is copyright and may not be reproduced in part or entirety without express permission of (contact us at


Privacy and terms

Your privacy is important to us.

By default your visit to us is treated as anonymous unless you specifically identify yourself by registering or logging in.

This main website does collect cookies to help with navigation, but no third party cookies. We also collect your IP address which is logged as standard by all web-hosting software. We do carry out anonymous statistical analysis by IP address, and use IP address to check for or block spam (as permitted by GDPR). We do not attempt to identify any individual or personal information by IP address.

If you decide to join one of our research panels, specific privacy terms apply that require consent when you sign up. These are listed in each specific section explaining how our panels and research works prior to sign up.

If you use the Market Research Forum and register or log on, cookies are used to provide access and use of the forum. The forum provides controls to manage your profile and automated communications. The information you provide is just used for access to the Forum and no other purposes and remains on our server only. Note, we reserve the right to block or ban individuals mis-using the forum.

Under GDPR, if you make contact with us with an enquiry or question we will retain a copy of your email and any correspondence as a 'legitimate interest' or connected to a contract.

If you take part in a survey or research, then we have obtained confirmation that consent to take part has been obtained from our partner or client. We do not use any marketing lists containing personal information unless consent has been obtained. All data from surveys is analysed anonymously as per Esomar's code of conduct.

If we send out marketing materials, we may send it to an unidentified individual by job title only. We do not send to named individuals unless a business connection has already been made or consent has been given.

Separate privacy policies specific for individual market research studies apply on our survey hosting sites SurveyGarden,, and on FieldShare.


All content on this site is copyright, and is provided solely for information purposes. Visitors and users are advised to take professional advice, or to contact us, before taking any actions based on any of the content, as we cannot accept responsibility for any independent use of our content.

For queries related to data protection, please contact or use our contact form

Thank you for your participation

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