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Research Areas
Hello there !

I am a research student and my area is marketing. I have to choose research topic i'll be thankful if I get insights regarding new research areas in marketing. What are the emerging trends in marketing research.
There's a lot happening with regard to marketing online and marketing automation systems, AI and the use of Big Data. New forms of intermediaries like comparison sites, Uber and the growth and impact of Amazon. Time and location based promotions. And simply lots and lots of direct testing and live marketing experimentation. Decline in TV and mass media. Alternative price models - from buy to rent. Behavioural economics techniques like 'nudging' and 'choice architecture'. The impact of GDPR or privacy rules on idenitifying and targeting. But also against heavily marketed products, from Europe you have a rise in white-label shops-own brands and a shift to retailer power, reducing the halo around some established brands.

Ethically, I think issues of consent, privacy and equity in dealing with personal data combined with problems of fraud and manipulation for online advertising and social media are going to have deep implications that we don't yet understand.

Top Market Research Trends :
  • Artificial Intelligence Will Dominate the Consumer Engagement
  • Blockchain for Marketing Will Gain Popularity
  • Mobile Technology Will Redefine the Buying Game
  • Automation Will be on the Rise
  • Voices on Social Media Platforms Will Gain Momentum
  • Hashtags Will Do the Talking

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