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sample technique
Hey there,

im currently writing my Master Thesis. Ive made an experiment in cooperation with a big company. The subject is customer segmentation
We have choosen several segmentation approach to create customer segmets. For example we have choosen age as a variable to create a segment "Youth". Out of this segment, a random group was chosen to receive a marketing communication to evaluate the response behaviour and buying behaviour of this segment.
My question is: Which kind of sample technique is used here?
At first i thought it is just a random sample, but with using a variable to create the segment not every customer has an equal propability to be part of the test.
Is it stratified random samling? In my opinion, this technique chooses randomly participants of every strata, but we have only used one "strata/segment" to be tested.
Can anyone help me?

Thank you
I'd say it's a random sample, but of a specific subgroup (assuming Epsem). It's not stratified as you haven't used any form of pre-classification for sampling within that subgroup.


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