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Agricultural Crop Progress Report
Corn mature is at 82% overall; this is behind 2016’s progress by 10% and a 14% increase through the week. No additional states are reporting corn 100% mature (NC reached 100% last week) and all states are reporting at least 50% mature.  Corn harvest is now at 22% overall; NC and TN are reporting over 80% harvested.  All states are behind their progress from 2016 except for TX (which is reporting 76% harvested for 2016 and 2017) and MI (which is reporting 2% more harvested this year than last).  IL harvested an additional 17% of their corn crop through this past week.

Soybeans dropping leaves are at 89% overall, with many states reporting at least 90% dropping leaves.  This progress is ahead of the five year average by 2% and only 1% behind 2016’s progress.  Soybean harvest had a productive week!  IL, ND, and OH reported harvesting at least an additional 20% of their crop this week with MI reporting 30%!  The harvest progress for 2017 is behind both the 2016 and five year average.

To read more visit: Crop Progress Report 10/9/2017

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Hi Jason,

Just to clarify, this section is more aimed at methods of analysis, stats etc. It's not the place for sharing data or information about pre-published research reports as they will be too specific for a generalist market researcher.



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