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Automatic reward system for online surveys
Providing incentives (assured gift for every participant OR a chance in lottery/raffle) for the survey takers to increase the response rate is a common practice in the field of market research. Leading online survey platforms such as Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, etc. seems to provide little to no support for this. e-Gifting platforms like Tango Card, GiftBit, etc. doesn't offer direct integration (we have to come up with our own solution if they provide an API) with Survey Platforms mentioned above. I feel it would be better if there is a service which allows researchers to quickly integrate their survey platform of choice with the reward/incentive program they wish to have.

I would like to know how fellow researchers manage their reward/incentive programs and would the above mentioned solution be useful for them if made available. Kindly share your views. Thank you in advance!

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