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Net Promotors
Research is new  for me and my boss has told me to set up Net Promotor measurements for our customers, so we can understand better how we are meeting their needs. I have found out the question to ask, but how do I put this online so customers can give us their answers?

P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong section to ask
There are a number of free tools for collecting feedback with Surveymonkey being about the most famous, but some companies even use Google Forms for their Net Promoter measurements, though to my mind that doesn't necessarily leave a good impression. If it's simple and can be done on one page (eg NPS plus an open ended question to gather why) then the company web developer could easily put it together.

You'll need to consider how many customers you'll want to ask and how frequently you'll be answering. Because of response rates you might find that if you ask 100 customers you'll only get 20 or so responses initially, and then if you keep asking too frequently this will go down. Secondly you'll need to do something with the results - customers get annoyed if they provide you with advice on how to improve, and then think that nothing changes. For this reason you'll want more information than just the NPS alone, and you'll need to be a little bit aware of some of the problems with Net Promoter for instance because different countries use scales in different ways.

try and ask the same questions in Different Forum sites

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