Welcome to the Market Research Forum.

We're trying to revive a very useful market research discussion forum ResearchInfo that used to be run by Scott Spain but that closed down a few years ago. The purpose is to act as a question and answer forum for people looking for help and advice about market research and gathering marketing information.

After ResearchInfo closed down, there haven't been any other discussion type forums for market research that have popped-up in its place. LinkedIn tends to be more of a blogging, networking and promotions platform and other marketing venues don't have detailed focus on market research and marketing information.

The basic rules are that this is essentially a Q&A forum. The first post in a main threads should be a question that you'd like help with. Others then can provide their opinions as to the best answer. With the rise of DIY research, many non-experts are now finding themselves tasked with writing questionnaires, running surveys and doing database analysis, or tracking down data, so don't worry about asking even the simplest questions.

For professionals, if you want to plug products or add news or events, there areĀ  categories for these, but please keep these out of the main Q&A threads. We're also not really so interested in opinion pieces - these are better suited to blogs and LinkedIn.

We're looking for decent and civll conversations as would be expected from a professional audience. Helpfulness is encouraged and please ensure you try to answer the question, and answer the question here, rather than just linking to a post or content elsewhere.

Note that forum posts unrelated to market research or marketing information and obvious spam will be removed, as will any posts not in English (though if genuinely about market research, we might ask you to resubmit). In the interests of transparency, if you do give a link that is pertinent to the question being asked, use the full link address, not a shortener.

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