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Fieldworkers directory (FieldShare)

An update of the Fieldshare directory to find face-to-face interviewers and supervisors for projects.

Sign up to our FieldShare directory of fieldworkers. Our directory includes interviewers, supervisors, recruiters for groups and depths, hall test managers, and medical recruiters.

Search the directory for local fieldworkers for free - visit!


FieldShare was created in 2000 as one of our first market research projects to allow research buyers to find local fieldworkers for research projects. It came about because we needed to find someone to help us recruit groups in Folkestone in the UK while we were based in Bath.

In the coming months we will update FieldShare to include more countries and to extend the number of fieldwork specialisms available. We also allow for people to sign up as potential work-from-home telephone interviewers, though note that research agencies will require strict checking and quality control for anyone involved with telephone interviewing.

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